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Search for tours and tickets for charter flight to/from Ukraine

Steps for booking a ticket

Flight selection
In the search box in the "Charters" section select the appropriate direction and dates, click the "Find" button. You will see the flight data on the selected flight and the price calendar for the whole month.
Ticket ordering
Press the "Details" button and enter the passenger information. If your reservation contains more than one passenger, click "Add a Tourist". Complete the order with the "Book Now" button.
It is possible to pay for the booking with a card of any bank in any currency while ordering the ticket on the website, as well as by the issued invoice sent by our managers on e-mail or Viber / WhatsApp.
Booking confirmation
Booking confirmation comes within a few hours from the moment of payment. You will receive a booking confirmation at the contacts indicated in the ordering form.
Ticket issuance
Electronic tickets are issued 1-3 days before the departure. Immediately after issuance the tickets will be sent on the e-mail indicated in the ordering form and you will receive a notification about it.
Check-in for the flights opens 2,5 hours and closes 40-60 minutes before the departure. Online check-in for UIA charter flights is available on the airline's website 24 hours before the departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to refund the ticket for the charter flight?
A refund is not possible after payment for the charter flight and sending of the order to the tour operator, even if you have not received the itinerary receipt and booking confirmation yet.
What are the peculiarities of the charter flights booking?
When buying a ticket for a charter flight, it should be noted that the tour operator is entitled to change the airport of departure/arrival for the nearest one, the air carrier, type of aircraft and time of departure. If there are any changes in the schedule, we will certainly report you on them.
Is it possible to departure from Egypt by charter flight if I have been in the country for more than 28 days?
No. Only tourists who have been in the country up to 28 days can buy a ticket for a charter flight from Egypt. In another case, we can offer a ticket for a regular flight with a convenient transfer in Istanbul.
Why is it not possible to receive a ticket immediately after payment?
A ticket for a charter flight is issued 1-3 days before the departure - this is a common practice. This happens due to the fact that charter tickets are issued at a group rate. Firstly, the tour operator forms a group of passengers, then a few days before the departure sends the data to the airline.
What is the cost of a charter ticket for a child under 2 years of age?
In the system the cost is indicated only for adults and children above 2 years of age. The cost of a ticket for children under 2 years of age is specified by the tour operator upon request after receiving the application. Typically, the cost for the infant varies within 30 to 60 euros (10 kg baggage is also included in the price). The cost of a tickets for a charter flight for children who are 2 years old at the time of the flight is the same as for an adult.
Why the UIA website does not include the flight that you have on your website?
On the website of UIA airline company only tickets for regular flights are sold. On our website you can buy tickets for charter flights that are operated by tour operators on the UIA airplanes.

About Charter Sale Project

The main direction of the Charter Sale service is to search for cheap tickets for charter and regular flights from Ukraine from leading tour operators such as Tez Tour, Join UP, Coral Travel, Pegas, Anex Tour, TPG and others. We also offer tours to popular resorts in Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Thailand, Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia at the lowest prices with an option to pay online.
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